Quality Assurance Analyst

Responsible for generating analytical and quantitative data to better understand, predict, and enhance quality and supply chain processes.
Responsible for assembly of this data, analyzing our performance, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that support the management of the quality supply chain and overall logistics operations.
Essential Functions:
Perform special studies, as requested, defining problem, project design and goals, data collection, analysis, recommendations and presentation.
These studies will involve quantitative and qualitative approaches, internal analysis or primary research as relative to the specific business issue.
Develop periodic performance reports and distribute them to stakeholders.
Work side by side with QA Director, QA Manager, Dealer Returns, Repair & Appliance Shops, Parts Department and other departments within Supply Chain as needed.
Provide information, analysis and recommendations on quality throughout the company.
Support the development of new projects, Capital Expense and continuous improvement of all departments under the Quailty Assurance umbrella.
Maintain, distribute and enforce supplier Quality Assurance requirements.
Bachelor degree in engineering, mathematics, operations research, or other technical field.
MBA or relevant master's degree preferred.
Strong Quantitative and analytical skills.
Familiar with logistics and planning concepts (e.
, forecasting, just-in-time, distribution requirement planning.
)Ability to understand contracts and tariffs.
Good project management skills.
Ability to communicate effectively with management and personnel by telephone, or through written communication; assimilate information and make decisions; work under pressure in a detailed organized manner.
Comfortable working with individuals at all organizational levels.
Ability to communicate findings, make recommendations and facilitate changeBroad range of computer skills to include database, spreadsheet, statistics applications and logistics software packages.
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
, sit, stand, walk, bend, twist and reach with arms and hands.
Some domestic travel required (

Don't Be Fooled

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